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Attack on Titan season 4. At the end of the broadcast of the last episode of the third season of ” Attack on Titan ” (” Shingeki no Kyojin “) the renewal of the anime for a fourth and last installment to be released in 2020.

On June 30, the production of ” Attack on Titan ” shared a teaser confirming that there will be another season of the series, after the bloody but revealing arc of the ‘ Return to Shiganshina ‘, which sacrificed almost the entire Legion of Recognition.

It is not yet known how many chapters the last ” Attack on Titan season 4 ” will have, nor its exact release date.Attack on Titan season 4

The renewal of ” Attack on Titan ” for one last season makes sense from the events of the original manga, which is also entering its final stretch. Both versions would end with little time difference.

By mid-June 2019, the renewal of ” Attack on Titan ” had already been reported. According to a report shared by several media outlets, including ComicBook, ” Attack on Titan ” had been renewed for a fourth season amid the rumors that drove Wit Studio away from the series’ production and animation after three seasons.

During an event dedicated to ” Attack on Titan ” in Japan –reported as an anime-based concert–, animator Tetsuro Araki appeared before the audience and resolved some doubts from fans, including those referring to the future of anime.

When asked if ” Attack on Titan ” would have a fourth season, Araki replied briefly that “yes”. And because it was an authorized voice. It was already taken for granted that the Indians would have their revenge against the world.

Tetsuro Araki is the production director of ” Attack on Titan “. In addition, he is an artist recognized in the middle for his work in other classic series such as ” Death Note “.

AND THE WIT STUDIO CASE?Attack on Titan season 4

During the event, he was also asked if Wit Studio would really retire from the “Attack on Titan” production. But Araki refused to answer if the studio would continue to lead the animation. So applauded by his legion of fans.

When an anime changes animation studio, the designs vary. Even the narration can mutate, so many fear that such a transition directly affects the show. Whose third season has pleasantly surprised both the public and critics in general? Only in  IMDb, all its chapters have an almost perfect rating.

When ” One Punch Man ” moved from Madhouse to JC Staff, anime fans experienced a similar concern. Although, in the end, the Saitama series worked quite well. That is, if Wit Studio’s departure is confirmed, that does not mean that quality would be lost.

There is nothing said yet, but rumors suggest that the artistic direction could end in MAPPA. The production house founded by Masao Maruyama who has performed “Kakegurui”, “Sarazanmai”, “Dororo”, among other anime.

ATTACK ON TITANS VOLUMESAttack on Titan season 4

As an anime, ” Attack on Titan ” has covered the first 22 volumes of the manga. Up to the ‘ Return to Shiganshina ‘ arc, where Dr. Grisha Jaeger’s secrets about the Titans and the world itself were revealed.

The manga currently has 28 volumes and its publication continues in Japan, although not for much longer.

“Attack on Titan” was originally created by  Hajime Isayama, set in a world where the last descendants of humanity survive in walled cities to protect themselves from the Titans. A race of giant monsters that eat humans.

Eren Jaeger is the protagonist of this story, since losing his home and joining his friends Mikasa and Armin to the Legion of Recognition. The squad that explores the exteriors of the wall as part of the counterattack of civilization. Eren and company are the heroes of “Attack on Titan”. And the hope of the living to get rid of the monsters once and for all.

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